Battery Safety - How to Store, Charge and Handle your Batteries

Quality Quality Quality Stick with trusted brands. Don't just buy any battery. Know your retailer and make sure they are not fake. Some trusted brands are Samsung, Sony & LG.

Charge Safely Never leave charger on over night, continually check while charging and never leave them unattended. Investing in a quality external charger can help extend the charge of your batteries. If you have a built in battery only use cable that was supplied with you mod kit.

Damaged Batteries Using a battery that has been damaged or has a nic or a tear  or a dint is dangerous. Always take care when handling your batteries. Never carry them in your pocket or leave in your car.

Matched Batteries Always match a set of batteries and keep them as a pair. Never mix brands, mAh or age of batteries.

Protective Battery Covers One of the cheapest items in the vaping world but would have to be one of the most important for storing your unused batteries.

Stay safe and Vape on Peeps