Dinner Lady - Concentrate - Bubble Trouble - 30ml

Dinner Lady - Concentrate - Bubble Trouble - 30ml

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Dinner Lady - Concentrate

Bubble Trouble - Premium Concentrate

Recreating the iconic candy flavour, Bubble Gum is featured in the Dinner Lady's Sweets Range a collection that includes classic flavours inspired by those flavours we fondly remember from times gone by.


Dinner Lady Concentrates consist entirely of PG, a thin and odourless liquid which is a great medium to store flavours and provide a premium taste to your DIY E-Liquid. For best results, Dinner Lady recommends using these concentrates as a 20-25% mix ratio. I would start with 10% 


  • Suggested concentrate mix ratio: 20%
  • PG:VG ratio: 100% PG

    This is a flavour concentrate, NOT ready to vape like the rest of the Dinner Lady range. You must add PG and VG to this to make it vapeable, or maybe you're keen on swirling two, three, four flavours together?