Beginner Vapers

Tip to Beginners


So you are thinking of alternatives. You have read a lot and looked at a lot of vape kits on the market and you are ready to jump in to vaping.


Like anything new you will feel a little overwhelmed of all the vape kits, vape terminology and how it all works. Put it this way its much easier than setting up a new device on your tv.


To step in you will require a little bit of patience and forward thinking at the start.


  1. Vaping is not for under 18yrs of age. You may think that it will taste and feel like a traditional go to, it isn’t in my opinion its heaps better and is much much more satisfying. 
  2. E-Juice, there is a huge variety of flavours to satisfy every ones taste.  You could start your day with fruit loops e-juice or even a tasty blueberry muffin and you could finish the evening with a chocolate ice cream.
  3. Once you have chosen a kit you may need batteries if they are not built in, some juice and may be spare coils. Your juice and coils could last 4 weeks or could last 8 weeks. This all depends on how much you vape and also if your E-liquid is very sweet it can gunk up your coils. Your first order should be your kit and batteries (if required) a pack of coils and at minimum of 2 bottles of E-liquid. You don’t want to run out.
  4. Look after your kit, keep an eye on your stock of juice and coils. Look after your batteries, keep you kit clean do not leave it in your car or in a hot environment. You will see how much money you will save in no time.
  5. First time vaping is an experience, every one is different.  Try small and gentle draws (I coughed a lot) keep going you will get the hang of it. It will be like riding a bike after awhile. Enjoy the flavours of the e-juice.