Caring for your Coils

Extend the longevity of your @Aussie_coils by following this simple cleaning regimen. In 5 minutes or less, you can have your coils tasting & chucking clouds like new again.

If you’ve invested money in a nice pair of handmade coils, keeping them in tip-top shape should be a priority. Visually inspecting your coils on a regular basis, both before and after use, can lead to a better overall vaping experience.

Know When Your Coils Are Dirty

The follow indicators can be used when deciding to clean:

  • Less flavor
  • Cloud production decreased
  • Dull color
  • Discolored cotton

NOTE: Vaping sugary e-juices on a regular basis will increase the need for cleaning.

When cleaning coils of any kind, a steady stream of clean warm tap water is required.

Step 1 – Pulse | Rinse | Repeat

Cleaning is essentially a one step process. It calls for applying heat at a low wattage (40-50 wattage, or short pulses on a unregulated mod) until the coils are just starting to glow, stop pulsing and run coil/s only under warm water, and repeat. The quick change in temperature along with a little pressure from the running water, will help to loosen and remove build up (aka “gunk”) on your coils. You can also give your coils a very light brush with a soft tooth brush after each rinse.

Cleaned Coils

After you’ve finished, your @Aussie_Coils should be glowing nice and evenly. Don’t expect the coils to shine like new; instead, look for a cleaned metal appearance.